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Employee Retention and Employee Turnover

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Transform Your Organization from High Turnover to High Retention Each year U.S. businesses spend billions of dollars recruiting and replacing their employees. Individually, it costs between $2-11K to replace an hourly employee, and upwards to $40,000 to replace a manager. One Silicon Valley company estimates the cost of replacing an employee is over $125,000. As you know, it is getting difficult t... Read More »

Good Bosses Make Good Employees

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One morning at the airport, I overheard an employee talking about her new boss. ?He i?s a nice guy,? she said. ?He makes me feel good about working here.? Like many employees, this young woman is more influenced by her boss’s soft skills than his technical skills. His interpersonal skills were what mattered most: including his ability to communicate, motivate and showing genuine concern. The... Read More »

Employee of the Month Programs Fail to Work

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Employee of the Month Programs Don’t Work Here is a question someone sent to me: I attended your session in Philadelphia called, “The Care and Feeding of Staff: Energize, Engage, and Motivate Your Work Force.” It The timing was just right. Our firm is beginning an ‘Employee of the Month Award’. We hope this will be a morale booster. I wanted to know if you could give ... Read More »

Organizational Development Consultant: Gregory Smith

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Any business climate comes with its own challenges. For a growing organization finding its way through situations that come about can be a constant struggle. Very often, the organization will learn that in order for it to continue as a competitive organization, changes need to take place. Not every organization is equipped with someone who can adequately take their company through the changes that... Read More »

Employee Retention Survey 2004

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The Chart Your Course International staff has worked hard to complete the 2004 Job Satisfaction and Retention Survey. Chart Your Course International conducted the following survey in August 2004. The survey had 455 respondents. We expanded the survey in 2004 and conducted two variations to include both a General Business and a Healthcare version. Key Findings: Salary has become the top issue as t... Read More »

Disney Training: The Magic in Disneyworld’s Way of Motivating Their People

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“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” Martin Luther King, Jr. The Disney Way At “The Walt Disney World Approach to HR Management” seminar, attendees are given the opportunity to learn powerful HR strategies from the largest single-site employer in the United States. With 50,000 employees and the need to fill 100 job vacancies daily, Walt Disney World has a finely tune... Read More »

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