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Building Teamwork: 6 Proven Strategies

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There is a direct relationship between leadership and project success. Transformational leadership will drive the achievements of your project, but it is team building that makes it happen. Think of team building as the truck that carries the leadership to the project’s success — it is the No. 1 piece of equipment that leaders need to make a project work. Craft a Vision Statement The first ste... Read More »

‘Fit’ to Hire? eHarmony Matching Employees with Companies

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‘Fit’ to Hire? The dating site eHarmony is the latest vendor to enter the hiring arena, with a platform designed to match jobseekers with companies whose cultures best align with their personalities and values. But critics say it can potentially undermine workforce diversity, experience and other factors. By Andrew R. McIlvaine “Cultural fit” has become a major buzzword in ... Read More »

How You Can Promote a Productive Mentality at Work

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Happy employees are more productive than their peers at work. That’s according to new data from the University of Warwick. In fact, this body of research cites that those happy employees are 12 percent more productive than their counterparts in the office. Additionally, a recent Gallup poll found that only 13 percent of the employees that were surveyed were engaged at work. When you break down t... Read More »

How to Use a Career Page to Positively Show off Culture to Candidates

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The culture of a business may be the most significant factor in determining a company’s success. The Harvard Business Review reports culture directly impacts employee satisfaction, job performance, business creativity, commitment and loyalty, retention and absenteeism, and — perhaps the most important quality to executives — the bottom line. The best companies in the country know the pow... Read More »

5 Keys to High-Impact Team Building

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The team is the foundation of any organization. Strengthening your team pays off with numerous benefits, which includes a more efficient group synergy and long term organizational growth. Unfortunately, not many teams start out perfectly in sync. Each individual member has their personal goals and quirks, which can sometimes get in the way of group productivity. Investing in high-impact team build... Read More »

4 Ways to Increase Retention and Employee Engagement

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Employee Retention and Engagement It’s a feat for businesses to retain employees for five years or more in today’s market, and the cost of losing them is high. The Center for American Progress claims that for workers earning $75,000 or less per year, the typical cost of turnover is 20 percent of the salary. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2014 that the median number of ... Read More »

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