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Greg Smith is a motivational leadership speaker, author and recognized authority on talent management, leadership development and employee engagement. Greg teaches businesses how to accelerate individual and organizational performance. He helps businesses navigate change and transform themselves into exceptional  places to work that attract, retain and motivate people to their full potential. His leadership keynote speeches and leadership training programs are inspirational, informative and entertaining with a highly interactive style that connects with audiences. He combines story and strategy to teach audiences how to create great places to work that attract customers, drive employee retention, employee engagement and greater job satisfaction.

Fired Up! Leading Your Organization to Achieve Exceptional Results

Every organization has the capability of achieving higher levels of performance. No matter what industry you are in, success depends Fired up, leadership speaker, gregory smith, employee motivationon engaging the creative abilities and accelerating the performance of the entire workforce from the bottom to the top. Learn dozens of ideas and leadership strategies on improving performance, motivating your people to new levels and innovative ways to grow your business. More information »

Improve Employee Retention - Free Reports

Estimates show 48 to 65 percent of the workforce is dissatisfied with their current employment situation and could leave for better positions as the economic situation continues to improve. More Information »

10 Reasons People Quit Their Jobs

Why do good people quit? Download the free report on the top 10 reasons that cause people to become unhappy in their jobs and leave for better opportunities elsewhere. Top 10 Reasons People Quit »

Discover Your Strengths -- DISC Training

Each person brings their own unique skills, talents, beliefs, and personality to the job. Our DISC assessments and training programs will help you reach your potential, hire better people, develop stronger leaders and grow your consulting business.leadership speaker View Training Calendar »

Leadership Speaker

Greg’s strength is his ability to connect and motivate his audience — his motivational style of speaking provides practical solutions to key trends and business issues.  As a leadership speaker, he helps businesses create great places to work, motivate people to achieve their potential and transform managers into better leaders. Greg is located in Raleigh-Durham, NC. More information.

Employee Engagement and Employee Retention

Up to 25% of your workforce is thinking about quitting your organization. We can help you increase employee job satisfaction, employee retention and create great places to work. Those that fail to do this are at risk of decreasing employee engagement and losing their talented people. More information.

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DISC Training and Employee Assessments

Hiring and promoting the right people into the right jobs is the first step in accelerating organizational performance. Our talent management solutions and employee and management assessments allow you to hire, develop, promote and retain top performing people. We provide a portfolio of DISC personality assessments, job matching, 360 assessments, DISC training and DISC certification programs. More information.

Customer Service Training

Our customer service training programs provide you with the best customer service strategy on improving performance, motivating your people to new levels building excellent customer loyalty and long term customer satisfaction. We have one of the largest collections of customer service programs, DVDs, literature, seminars and certification programs in the nation. Contact us to request an onsite training program for your organization. More information